Updating your kitchen

Perhaps now more than ever, during a nationwide pandemic lockdown, people are giving even more thought to the layout and capacity of their homes, and in particular, their kitchens.

At the moment people are spending an increased amount of time in their kitchens and they have perhaps realised that their storage does not meet their needs or the layout could do with altering slightly. Maybe they don’t like the colour or style of their kitchen doors anymore or perhaps the worktops could do with an update.

If this sounds like you, then simply upgrading your worktop and even your sink and taps could give your kitchen a new lease of life. Or even introducing a touch of colour with your worktop could be an option. The possibilities are endless!

For example, the 1810 Spirale tap is available in many choices of colours and can be seen in our showroom, and Blanco have their Silgranit range of sinks available in various colours. Their Etagon range of sinks have multi-functional uses which could be useful if you are short of worktop space and these are also available in multiple colours. (Don’t forget to check whether you need a high or low pressure tap before making your choice – we can help you if you aren’t sure.)

Storage is also a really important factor, as too little will make your space feel cluttered and awkward to use. If you need more space, there may be an opportunity to utilise existing units by retro-fitting carousels to corner cupboards or adding other pull out alternatives.

Even simply adding new doors can give your kitchen a fresh new look, with styles ranging from modern ultra gloss finishes to a something more traditional.

If there are quite a few areas of your kitchen you want to change, you should weigh up the costs of all of these against the cost of a new kitchen redesign, as the latter might be more cost effective in the long-term. Russ Deacon are experts in kitchen refurbishment, whatever your needs or budget, so give us a call and we’ll help you transform your kitchen.

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