Kitchen design and installation for entertaining

When thinking about changing your kitchen you need to think about how you are going to use the space. Have you got a large family? Do you have a lot of visitors? Do you entertain a great deal? These are all questions you need to answer to get the very best from your kitchen.

If the answer is yes to most of these questions, then perhaps you need to think about an open plan design which provides a multi-functional space. Open plan kitchens have the advantage of feeling more spacious, and less closed-in and restrictive, making them the ideal space for creating family memories.

A kitchen island is a useful feature to consider in an open plan design and can have multiple uses. It will provide the ideal area to prepare and serve food, whilst making sure the chef is not forgotten and left in the kitchen. A kitchen island can semi divide the cooking and dining areas but still allows socialising. And if you add a few stools around the island it becomes a great spot for drinking, snacking and chatting too! The island worktop could be built with two different levels and in a contrasting colour and/or material to the rest of the kitchen.

In the dining area there are so many options of table choices available. An extendable table is a good solution to accommodate large numbers of people and bench style seating can be hidden away when not in use.

For a minimal look go for handleless units and integrated appliances, unless you perhaps want to make a statement with a stand alone brightly coloured fridge. Think about the position of your sink, oven, and fridge and how you move around the kitchen space; they need to be positioned in such a way so that there is an efficient use of space.

Storage is an all-important point to consider when designing your kitchen. List what you want to incorporate into your new space at the beginning of your project, making sure you position your china, glasses and cutlery together with any wine coolers at a point of easy access. Internal hidden drawers within drawers added to your storage capacity. Other options such as dividers, spice racks, a variety of cutlery drawer options and larder units are all available from the exceptional Schuller collection.

With an open plan kitchen design that has identified entertaining as a primary use, you need appliances that are quiet and an extraction system that can efficiently remove cooking odours. Siemens and Neff have a great range of ovens, refrigerators, venting hobs and a new range of wine coolers available, as well as an exclusive Studioline range only available through kitchen studios.

Russ Deacon are kitchen design and build specialists, so give us a call today and we will make your dream open plan kitchen a reality.

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