Spring cleaning is made easy with Schuller Kitchens space saving solutions

Schuller kitchens has the ultimate Spring Cleaning solution for the home

Spring Clean time is soon upon us, but before you start to search for clever ways to declutter or save space, check out how the ergonomically smart manufacturing design of Schuller Kitchens makes life much easier…

If the thought of cleaning and reorganising your kitchen area fills you with dread, then keep reading to discover how this German Kitchen company has concentrated their design features with top of the range quality kitchens to maximise the use of modern living spaces and cut down on laborious cleaning tasks.

Creating innovative designs for the home since 1965

Founded in 1965, Schuller kitchens remains one of the largest international kitchen exporters in the world, and as a family led business have maintained its leading edge as one of the top five kitchen manufacturers in the world by using environmentally-friendly materials and processes which customers can choose to personalise their units.

The uniqueness of these units is that they come in a variety of heights to ergonomically suit different people, so there is now there is no excuse for not cleaning on  top of the cupboards!

All units are practical, hardwearing, water resistant and therefore makes cleaning smarter without the use of environmentally damaging cleaning products.

Sleek design features 

With end to end sleek fitted designs the front ranges include personalised fashionable and functional materials which are both hygienic with optional handless feature making it easy to wipe clean and maintain for today’s busy lifestyles.

This feature was once deemed a niche design in the contemporary style of kitchens, but handleless kitchens have now become the go to style to enhance workflow.

All appliances are raised for ingenious space saving as well as to assist with organisation of premium areas. The innovative storage and organisation solutions maximises on space utilisation, creates a fast-paced workflow, and allows you to find smart ways to save energy and improve cleanliness.

The success of Schullers cabinetry designs are based on usability and functionality, as well as being the defining factor in its effectiveness and enjoyment.

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