Make cooking fun again with a stylish Neff oven

Cooking with Neff has never been easier!

Each year the same pattern is followed in TV advertizing, pre christmas its gifts , then after the festive season  sales and holidays and getting healthy. then Easter comes along and its all about chocolate!

Now that spring has arrived and with the recent good weather it perhaps encourages us to get out walking and look at what we are eating. It’s easy to go and pick up something convenient at a local shop for dinner, especially after a long day at work. Cooking a meal from scratch might seem a little daunting as it involves time, patience, and experience, right? Wrong! Cooking with Neff has never been easier.

Cooking convenient meals that are good for the soul and even better for the waistline!

Now there is such a variety of cookery programs available to watch and download  its even easier to pick up new recipes and tips from the professionals.

The ovens available from Neff and Siemens make cooking so much easier with their built in recipe ideas. Healthy and nutritious  dishes can be produced with their steam and multifunction ovens. Steam assisted cooking gives you food that is cripsy on the outside and succulent and tender on the inside and the bonus of not needing to use fat or oil.

You can even make your own yoghurt using your hob and oven.

With the Neff B48FT78N1B & Neff C18FT56N1B ovens, you have the added option of the Sous Vide funtion by vacumn sealing your food using the Vacuum drawer model no N17H10N0B.  Cooking at low temperatures (55c-95C) intensifies flavours and locks in the succulent juices. It’s really easy to use, too.

Interested in a Neff  or Siemens applaince ?  Pop by our showroom in Eastbourne to pick up one of our exciting recipe cards.


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