Keep your ingredients fresh with a high quality refrigerator

Which appliance in your kitchen is on 24 hours a day?


The answer is your refigerator and /or your freezer, so its important to have a good quality appliance. A Neff A+++ fridge uses up to 60% less electricity which is important in these days of rising energy prices.


Stylish, sleek, sustainable


When you need to buy a new appliance these days you might be surprised on how technology has moved on, the basic function of a fridge was to stop your milk going off and stop your butter melting in warm weather, it was just a white box which stood in the corner of your kitchen. Now it can be a statement piece in various  colours and styles. Design is important but the functionality of the appliance is also important, it has to withstand daily use .


With an increase in healthy eating habits as well as other shifts in consumers shopping interests, your refridgerator has never been more important in your kitchen.


Keep your ingredients fresh for longer with Neff


Some of the Neff refridgerators have a built in 0c Fresh Safe which can preserve foods for 3 times as long as a conventional salad drawer.


Nobody enjoys following an unpleasant smell in the fridge to a difficult to reach hidden spillage. One of the nifty new Neff design features on some of their models are removable doors seals, making them much easier to clean than conventional refrigerators.


Another great new feature on is the Vario shelf which have sectioned glass shelves which can be easily separated and slid underneath when not being used. This spacious shelfing solution is ideal for storing larger dishes and there is room at the back for smaller items.



Smart refridgerators from Siemens


Siemens have created some seriously smart refridgerators, two features that we are really impessed with are the home connect function and the internal cameras.  The home connect function means that they are Wi-Fi enabled and can therefore be connected to other Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home.The siemens KG36NHI32 fridge freezer features cameras inside to check the contents and remote controls allows you to select the best setting for your fridge freezer.


Want to find out more? Give us a call or visit our showroom in Eastbourne to discuss the amazing refridgerators and other kitchen appliances that we have available.







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