The Importance of Softening Your Water

Have you ever had to call out a plumber due to a scale build-up in your household appliances and piping? This is a very common issue, especially on the Sussex Coast, as our water is typically considered to be ‘Hard Water’.

Softening your water can lighten your bills

Hard Water, can not only stain your bath and taps with scale residue, but it is also costlier in the long run. This is due to the additional minerals in hard water make it difficult for cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos to lather, resulting in more water needing to be used and  more cleaning products , shower gels and hair products added  to your weekly shopping bill.

Hard water can also significantly increase your energy and maintenance bills through scale build up.

It has been proven by British Water that on average a 1.6mm of scale build up in your heating system, could be costing you an additional £200 each year.

To put this into perspective, the average British household in hard water areas produces up to 70KG of lime scale in just one year.  This can be significantly reduced by simply introducing a water softener into your home water system.

A simple solution –  The Water Softener

We supply and install BWT water softeners that are affordable to run and use as little as £4.60 worth of electricity a year. and generally can be installed inside the average kitchen cupboard.

There is a 5 year warranty on parts and labour on the BWT water softeners that we can  provide.

BWT Water Softener

How it works

Hard water passes through a cylinder that contains ion exchange resin which consists of tiny beads that attract and retain the ION and magnesium particles. The then softened water then passes into the household water supply.

The benefits

In Eastbourne, the water is particularly hard so a water softener would be an asset to your home.

Once a water softener is fitted in your home you will notice the reduced amount of detergents used in washing clothes, using the dishwasher and the amount of shampoo, shower gels and soap you will  use.

This not only reduces your shopping bills but also means less chemicals are destined for the drain which helps the environment as well producing great results with clothes and towels feeling noticeably softer, tea and coffee taste nicer and your kitchen and bathroom are lime scale free.

Pop in to our showroom in Seaside, Eastbourne or call us on 01323 642075 for more information on the supply and installation service that we provide.




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