Siemens Home Connect Appliances

Did you know 80% of UK adults use a Smartphone and that there are 15 million smart homes in the UK, connectivity is everywhere from a fitness tracking watch to connecting your appliances to the Home Connect app.

This Home Connect app allows you to control your Siemens and Neff appliances from your phone or tablet, the app is free to download , is updated regularly and is easy to use and helps you get the best out of your appliances. Control your appliance from anywhere, any time.

Home Connect gives you the ability to monitor and control your appliances no matter where you are and is available across the range of appliances.  See below just a few of the procedures that are possible

  • Your dishwasher has run out of salt or rinse aid so a notification will be sent to your smart device.
  • Start your coffee machine
  • When cooker hood filters are ready to be changed then you will be notified via your phone or tablet.
  • If you have forgotten to turn your A Cool refrigerator to holiday mode before you leave home just turn it on from the airport.
  • Create meals with recipes on the app and send the settings to your oven.
  • Connect your hood and hob using Cook Connect, this means your cooker hood will turn on when steam gets to a certain level.
  • If you do have problems connecting to the app there is a direct line to the Home Connect centre.
  • If you have lost your appliance manual find the pdf document on the app.

The options are all at your fingertips using Home Connect.

We have a selection of Home Connect appliances in the showroom so if you would like to know more please get in touch to make an exclusive appointment.

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