Our visit to Cosentino in the beautiful mountains of Spain

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Another flying trip, this time, to the Almeria area of Spain. We landed in brilliant sunshine which as a slight change to when we left the U.K.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the Cosentino factory, which is where they manufacture their Silestone and Dekton.

Marmoles Cosentino Company was founded in 1979 by the Cosentino family, Cosentino U.K. in 2001 with the trade name of Silestone created in 1990.

We were taken to the picturesque mountain range where they quarry for marble. We were surprised to learn that this is only 1% of their total sales. We were in awe of the breathtaking scenery that we saw whilst in the viewing area.

The area allowed you to see across the whole valley, right through to where the blocks are removed from the hills, as well as the digging machinery and workmen far below. Until you see the area for yourself,  you don’t quite realise the scale of the area being used.

We were then taken to a village nearby called Macael which is famous throughout the world for its high-quality marble. A staggering 80% of spanish marble is taken from the quarries in this region for mainly the european market.


In the village square, there is a rather large pestle and mortar which is in the Guiness record books as being the largest in the world, it stands at a looming 3.29 metres tall and weighs in at 30.95 tons.

The Cosentino showroom nearby has a central glass-roofed atrium and water feature reflecting the light around the sculptures and worktop displays. From here, we were able to see displays of enormous slabs of Sensa with its  exclusive stain-resistant protection, Dekton & Silestone.

In the showroom, there was a copy of one of the lions made from Macael marble that can be seen at the Alhambra in Granada , Patio of the Lions (Patio de los Leones), which is probably the most famous area of the Alhambra.

The factory was huge and it was so interesting to see how they manufacure the Silestone & Dekton products. We also saw some amazing marbles  granites and semi precious stones.

Dekton is a revolutionary product made using a complex process involving high temperatures and enormous pressure. The result is stain proof, non porous, highly scratch resistant product that can withstand high temperature without burning or cracking. Furthermore, household chemicals wont harm it and it is easier to maintain.

Sensa  has an exclusive stain-resistant protection that can repel liquids such as water and oil. This is possible because of a protection treatment and Sensa has a 15 year guarantee.

Our visit to the factory ended with us meeting with one of the Cosentino family who came to answer questions for our group.


We are proud to be a Cosentino Elite supplier, offering competitive and affordable prices on Silestone, Sensa & Dekton worktops.


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