No more waiting for the kettle!

Spectacular hot taps available at an even hotter price from Russ Deacon Home Improvements.

Waiting for the kettle to boil is something that we have all come to incorporate into our daily routine, be it for our morning cup of tea or coffee or for cleansing purposes like sterilizing our infant’s milk bottles. But why wait? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to be able to do all of this at the turn of a tap?

We supply some brilliant hot water taps from trusted kitchen brands such as Grohe and Sterling.



Grohe has been creating beautiful, timeless kitchen designs for over 140 years. They certainly live up to their status as ‘Masters of technology’ with their advanced kitchen features, the Grohe Red hot water tap being one of our personal favourites.

This Grohe Red tap can produce boiling, warm, and cold water at the turn of a tap. The Grohe Red and Grohe Red Duo both use a titanium boiler. Unlike the usual copper and steel boilers, these titanium boilers are highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build up. In addition to this, the titanium doesn’t leave a metallic taste in the water.

The Grohe Red tap is given a cool touch assurance, this means that the tap has been so well insulated that the spout can be touched without any risk of being burnt. In addition to this safety measure, the taps also have a child lock that means the left handle must first be pulled and turned before any hot water comes out of the spout.



 The superb hot taps from Sterling deliver filtered boiling water at your convenience. All of the filter taps from Sterling use sub-micron filtration systems to filter out chlorine and dissolved metals as well as calcium which reduced the likelihood of lime scale build up and improves the taste of the water substantially.

Using a filter tap at home is considerably cheaper than buying bottled water from the supermarket and is accessible to you at your convenience from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Sterling’s hot water taps are easy to install, use a 2.5 space saving water tank and on top of it, all the taps come with 5 years warranty.

Want to find out more? Contact us today on 01323 642075 for more information on the hot taps that we provide and install.



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