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Have you tried sous-vide cooking?

Sous-Vide translates to ‘under vacuum’ and is a form of cooking in which the food is heated in a vacuum-packed pouch. This can be done through boiling the pouch in a water bath or in a temperature-controlled steam environment.

The sous vide style of cooking food has been used by chefs for hundreds of years and is becoming more and more popular in the modern-day kitchen.


Sous Vide Cooking

What are the advantages of Sous-Vide cooking?

There are many advantages to the Sous Vide style of cooking, some of which are:

  • Difficult to overcook your food due to a constant low temperature.
  • Food maintains moisture and there is less shrinkage as a result.
  • Food absorbs more of the flavours from herbs, spices and other such ingredients that it is cooked with.


Sous-Vide is also a healthier method of cooking

There are also health benefits from Sous-Vide cooking as food that is cooked using this method holds on to its vitamins and minerals by sealing your food in a pouch in a vacuum sealer that is readily available on the internet.

Food can be kept fresh for a lot longer than conventional storage methods. Vacuum sealing stops the foods’ exposure to air, which is what causes mould and bacteria to form, meaning your food stays tasty and fresh for longer

There is also no need to add oils or fat to meats to keep them moist.


Siemens Ovens with Sous -Vide cooking option.

The iQ700 Single Oven with full steam in black model no HS858GXB6B and iQ700 Compact steam oven model no CS858GRB6B from Siemens are two of the new models that currently have a high-tech Sous-Vide feature and are only available through kitchen studios.

Both of these ovens preheat very quickly meaning that there is less time waiting around for the oven to heat up after food is prepped. The temperature of the oven can also be adjusted from your phone when you are out of the home using the innovative Home Connect App, ideal for if you are going to be late home and need to keep the food at a certain temperature. Both ovens are also incredibly easy to clean due to their EcoClean Plus coating.

If you are interested in learning more about the Siemens ovens with the Sous-Vide feature then simply contact us on 01323 642075 or visit us at our showroom in Eastbourne.




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