How Tech smart is your kitchen?

Tech is revolutionising our homes – and the kitchen is a shining example of this.

Technology in the kitchen

It is no secret that we are living in an age of technological revolution. Phones are getting smarter, and computers have become subtly incorporated into almost everything we use. Most notably for us technology has crept into interior design, particularly in the kitchen.

Today, a variety of appliances such as ovens & fridges can be connected to the internet and even utensils are Bluetooth enabled, a term aptly named by many as features of a ‘Smart Kitchen’. One of our favourite Smart kitchen devices is from German kitchen designer, Schuller. They  have incorporated  a Bluetooth sound system that  can be hidden behind the kitchen cabinet back panel,  or plinth or below the worktop,   this allows you to seamlessly connect your enabled device to fill the room with your favourite soundwaves whilst you cook, eat, and socialise.

Worried about your device running out of battery when listening to music or watching your favourite chef’s cookery walkthrough? Schuller have you covered with their inductive charging station where a compatible mobile can be charged just by placing it on the designated place on worktop and it is charged wirelessly. Furthermore, Schuller understand the anguish of misplacing your device and have designed a tablet holder that fits perfectly into their  wall panel system alongside utensil holders and knife blocks.

Technology in the Kitchen

We now use more portable devices than ever before and these usually require daily charging, but many find that plug sockets can be unappealing. With pop up sockets, this is no longer a problem. As the name suggests, these sockets have a cover and can effortlessly blend into the kitchen surfaces or walls. These sockets also come with USB connections.

Technology in the Kitchen

Another innovation comes from Siemens,  appliances have gone wi-fi so you can control them from anywhere. Siemens ovens have Recipe World, using the Home Connect app you can chose your favourite recipe and send the ideal settings to your oven wherever you may be. Come and see them in our showroom.


Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle to boil for your hot water, today there are boiling water taps. It gets even better; these same taps can also dispense beautifully clear filtered water. These taps come in chic minimalist designs that subtly compliment any kitchen.

Grohe Hot Tap  Grohe Cold Tap

One of the most important elements to a kitchen is the extractor fan but many can be deterred from implementing them as they commonly have large metallic chimney hoods that do not compliment their kitchen design. Today, there are down draught extractors that are integrated into the work surface and give you a clear view in open plan kitchens  Some extractors of this type work in conjunction with your hob to only operate when needed  using high tech sensors.

Technology is constantly evolving to make our lives more convenient as well as introducing new design features, previously not feasible.

Come along to our Eastbourne showroom at 369 Seaside or visit us online and discover the design features that can make your dream home a reality !

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