Discover high quality German Kitchen manufacturer, Schuller Kitchens

See how Schuller Kitchens can bring great design and finish to your kitchen.

Schuller is a family run German brand well known to those within the realm of home improvements that has been creating sublime high quality kitchens for a staggering 50 years.

Schuller uses only the finest quality materials to provide bespoke luxury kitchen designs that are made to last at an affordable price.

One of the most popular features of a Schuller design is their high gloss lacquer finish that gives a sleek, clean feel to a classic kitchen design.

Schuller is committed to sustainability when choosing the materials that it uses to craft with. Schuller has been certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) which is the world’s largest forest certified organisation. This means that all of the wood that is put into their kitchen designs is taken in a responsible manner so as to ensure minimal environmental damage.

Schuller’s muted, dark shades deliver a certain depth of personality to the room that create a clean look of stunning organic purity.  These darker shades work perfectly alone for the minimalist or combined with low tone colours to generate a feeling of warm complexity.

 Schuller Kitchens Cremona

Schuller’s lighter collections feature their classic silk gloss lacquered work surface finish with intricately integrated, expertly crafted, grooved fronts and support panels.

Schuller Kitchens Domus

Shuller’s gorgeous german craftmanship comes forth in the cool and colourful designs shown in their Bari range as well as their Biella range that both boast huge storage capabilities in their beautifully placed cupboards and abstract shelving units.

Schuller Kitchens Bari


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