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Nolte Girls Bedroom


As adults, our bedrooms become our sanctuaries, our refuge, a place where our mind can settle after a long day. For children, however, a bedroom transforms into their play zone; a creative space where their imagination can grow.

At Russ Deacon Home Improvements have a gorgeous new selection of children’s bedroom designs from Nolte & East Coast Fittings.  Nolte has over 75 years of experience in interior design and has produced an enormous range of fashionable designs that can easily be moulded to create the bedroom that you desire.

Using beautiful Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous contrast of white against pink, the Nolte Starlight children’s bedroom design transforms a mere bedroom of slumber into a palace where dreams are conjured.

The hinged door wardrobes that are displayed below in both a pink and white glass design are a trendy eye-catching take on a minimalist classic. The high- gloss chrome handles are also embellished with elegant yet subtle Swarovski crystals.

Volante Girls Bedroom

Volante Girls Bedroom

We also have an excellent selection from East Coast Fittings – their  Volante sliding door system  is very versatile with a wide ranges of colours.  For children with an artistic flare, we have a brilliant blackboard Volante Kids wardrobe that can be drawn upon with chalk when friends are over and easily cleaned at the end of the day.

Volante Kids Playroom

Alternatively, we also have Volante sliding door wardrobes available in a variety of fabulous colours that can either gently blend in with the wallpaper, or make a statement with loud brighter colours.

Volante Kids Boys Bedroom


Explore more from the gorgeous variety of children’s bedroom designs from  that we have available here at Russ Deacon Home Improvements by visiting us at our Eastbourne showroom.

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